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About Grillesmith

Most folks don’t think much about HVAC grilles.
We obsess over them.

For the average homeowner, HVAC grilles are just there. Whatever standard cheapo grille that comes with the house, or they grab at the big box store, well, good enough.

Not for us though. And probably not for you either.

We see every HVAC duct as a blank canvas, an opportunity to enhance a space with unique architectural detail. (And sometimes, enhance the performance of an HVAC system.) For discerning homeowners, this is a key bit of fine detailing in pursuit of a fine home.

If this is how you feel as well, you've come to the right place.

While we also carry select mass-market HVAC grilles, our real focus is on quality custom-fabrication -- from sleek modern bar linear to victorian decorative; from oak and bamboo to aluminum, brass and more. All made to order in our own production shop in Medford, Oregon, or by one of our like-minded specialty North American manufacturing partners.

Grillesmith is brought to you by -- veteran HVAC engineers, designers and manufacturers dedicated to consumer-direct service. Since our first website in 1999, we've provided expert HVAC advice and quality products directly to trades and homeowners. So when you buy from Grillesmith, you can be confident the internet's original HVAC experts have your back.